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  • Tuesday ,28 January 2020

The Epiphany invitation to repentance

by Samia Ayyad

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Friday ,24 January 2020

The Epiphany invitation to repentance

 Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River in wonderful humility, among the crowds of penitents. Yes, he didn t commit any sin, but he was baptized in order to explain to us our faith in the Holy Trinity and the sacrament of baptism.

HG Bishop Bakhomius, former Acting Patriarch, in his article  Baptism and the Theophania , explained the faith in the Holy Trinity and the sacrament of baptism through the glorious feast of Epiphany. Christ was in the water and the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove, and the Father saying:  This is my beloved son 
The baptism of Jesus Christ confirms our belief in sacred baptism, which is based on three things: firstly, repentance, which is necessary in the baptism of adults, secondly, believing in Jesus Christ and his redemption, and thirdly, the acceptance of new born from water and spirit. Baptism in our faith is carried out by immersion, and it bears profound dogmatic faith and spiritual messages.