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  • Friday ,24 January 2020

Peace and impeachment

Magdy Malak

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Sunday ,26 January 2020

Peace and impeachment

While senate discussing impeachment of trump, we suddenly heard about the “deal of the century” again. At the same time, Israel announced for the first time that Israeli people can travel to Saudi Arabia while Saudi Arabia denied.

Trump seems confident that this impeachment thing is going nowhere and will continue in his plan as he promised his people. He moved the Israel embassy to Jerusalem, He mad first trad deal with Chia, he is talking about the deal of the century and American people see him does what he promised. 
He is the first American president to face Iran and kill a prominent Iranian leader although all former American presidents avoided this confrontation.  
All indications show that Trump will be elected although all what democrats trying to impeach him. Trump is like a horse you can t stop not because he is a unique but because there is no good competitors can beat him.
In conclusion, it seems that the democrats are wasting their time and they resort to actions to waste more time in attacking Trump more than focusing on finding a good democrat candidate to the presidential elections.