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  • Thursday ,23 January 2020

What do we expect from religious education?

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Thursday ,23 January 2020

What do we expect from religious education?

 I met today at the Subway 9 young ladies under 15 years old. 5 of them were wearing Niqab (full face cover) and the rest are wearing Hijab. They were revising a book of ‘Islamic culture’ on their way to the exam. They book was discussing how to deal with non-Muslims? Is it permissible to exchange gifts with them? What people from other religions should do to Muslims? Furhtermore, it was describing Niqab as an appearance of chastity!

I wonder what is the return on the state from religious education like Al-Azhar, which costs annually about one billion dollars? We should be teaching young people about life, technology, medicine and geology instead of teaching them about racism and extremism? Would they benefit humanity with such kind of education? People all over the world are seeking solutions for illness at the time we are seeking answers to questions like: is it permissible to congratulate Christians on their feasts?
Instead, we should be teaching them history of their country and great grandparents. Many new countries have developed at the time we are suffering from retardation. This is not strange since we will reap extremism as long as we plant its seeds . Police and army will be offering martyrs in the war against terrorism, but the clergy won’t stop fueling the fire.