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  • Tuesday ,21 January 2020

Supporting development and peace

by Dr. Magdi Shehata

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Tuesday ,21 January 2020

Supporting development and peace

 A few days ago, Egypt witnessed a major historical military achievement as President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi opened the South Bernese military base, in the presence of a number of Arab and foreign heads of state and defense ministers and high-ranking diplomatic figures. The South Bernice Military Base was built in a record time, as it took only one year to build one of the giant military fortresses on the southern strategic direction with a strike force in the sea, air and land linked to various regional and international challenges and raises the global classification of the Egyptian armed forces. 

The South Bernice base is a strong addition to the capabilities of the Egyptian armed forces and represents one of the support hubs in the Red Sea region and Bab al-Mandab Strait, using advanced weapons and improving Egypt’s chance to to become the largest naval air base in the Middle East to be built on an area of 150 A thousand acres. The base aims to protect and secure the southern Egyptian coasts and protect and serve the giant development projects that Egypt has witnessed in recent years since power support development and peace.
During the opening ceremony marking the inauguration of the South Bernice base, an air naval exercise with live ammunition (Qadir 2020) was carried out. Various advanced weapons participated in the maneuver, including the Mistral aircraft carrier, the French Raval fighters, the American F-11, the Russian MiG 29, the American Apache attack helicopter, the Russian Kamov, the German submarine 209 and other huge naval vessels, as well as the missiles that were used for the first time.
The great Egyptian army has sent messages of reassurance to all Egyptians and the Arab brothers, as well as warning messages for anyone who thinks or tries to threaten Egyptian or Arab national security. Long live Egypt.