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  • Monday ,13 January 2020

Hospitals in Egypt

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,13 January 2020

Hospitals in Egypt

In Egypt there is a famous proverb says “The homes of the careless man destroyed before the house of the tyrant man” and that exactly apply on the Egyptian hospitals.

People most of the time go to hospitals and can t find anyone to cure them or take care of them, not just that but also, when there is an accident and people need an emergency, they can t find the emergency service that could help save their life.
While the country going toward “the comprehensive health insurance” , we don t feel that hospitals in Egypt are ready for such a move and there is a lot to be done to reach this stage in our hospitals.
Losing interest and losing the conscience I believe is the most important danger we face nowadays. We can t supervise each person to do his work as it should be.
In conclusion, Minister of health needs to review the strategy of the health in Egypt and imply all rules needed to put the health of Egyptian first.