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  • Friday ,03 January 2020

Egypts foreign ministry spokesman slams Tripoli government for thanking some Arab countries


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Friday ,03 January 2020

Egypts foreign ministry spokesman slams Tripoli government for thanking some Arab countries

 Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesman Ahmed Hafez has criticised Libya s internationally recognised government after it issued a statement on Wednesday thanking only some Arab countries for their support towards Libya during a recent Arab League s (AL) meeting over the North African country

The Tripoli-based government expressed its "appreciation to Qatar, Sudan and foreign ministers...of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritanian for  their supportive stance towards Libya" an urgent meeting of the Arab league held in Cairo on Tuesda to discuss the latest developments in Libya.
In a tweet late on Wednesday, the Egyptian foreign ministry spokesperson slammed the statement.
"Isn t it strange that the Tripoli government only thanked [some] Arab countries, not others, for their supportive stance during the [Arab] League s meeting yesterday?" the spokesman said, adding that the invitation came from Egypt and the draft resolution came from Egypt.
"Thanking goes to all Arab countries for their unified stance rejecting any foreign interference in Libya and supporting initial stances that we put forward," Hafez added.
In a resolution issued following its extraordinary meeting on Tuesday, the Al stressed its rejection of any forms of foreign interference in Libya, and expressed "grave concern" about military escalation in the conflict-ridden country.
It also affirmed the necessity of the prevention of any foreign interference, which would contribute to facilitating the movement of extremist foreign terrorists and fighters into Libya.
Last week, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that his government would deploy troops to Libya after Fayez Al-Serraj chairman of The Tripoli-based government requested support, raising fears of further destabilisation in the war-torn country and the region.
The rival eastern-based Libyan National Army (LNA), led by General Khalifa Haftar, has been fighting fierce battles in recent weeks to take the Capital Tripoli in the west of the country from the Tripoli government.