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  • Tuesday ,31 December 2019

Negativity is Sin in Christianity

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Tuesday ,31 December 2019

Negativity is Sin in Christianity

 It is true that the British Consul General in the time of the  English occupation to Egypt, Lord Cromer, said he couldn t differentiate between the Egyptian Muslims and Christians except when they visit houses of worship to pray, but as matter of exaggerations and scarcity Christian citizen have been known as super polite and shy and fear facing his problems in order to avoid evil!

However such exaggerations are not acceptable, they have been supported by media through films and TV series over the years. Such stereotyping have also affected the image of the Jews in Egypt who have been described as super stingy and talk in a funny way just like they appeared in media.
Perhaps the church also contributed to form such picture by keeping its children inside its walls and offering them spiritual and social services. The state preferred to deal with the church instead of the individuals, which made many Copts refrain from participating in political life and all kinds of running in elections.
I was among those who wrote and warned about the importance of the role of Islamic and Christian institutions in general in supporting the positive spirit of our citizens for participation and serious interaction when it is necessary to participate and meet the nation s call at all political and social levels. 
‫Dr. Nagi Youssef, editor in chief of The true path newspaper said once that   ‬ negativity is a sin in Christianity since Jesus taught us to be positive and active. At the time community neglected and even attacked certain people like the blind, the leper, the Samaritan woman, and others with a negative and destructive point of view, Jesus supported them and never hurt their feelings.