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  • Friday ,27 December 2019

Merry Christmas

Magdy Malak

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Saturday ,28 December 2019

Merry Christmas

While a lot of people celebrating Christmas around the world , we need to remember all people in need not just in need to money but to the spirit of “ Christmas”. We need to practice the spiritual meaning of Christmas not only in giving gifts but also in giving love and comfort to who needs it especially with the difficult world we live in right now.

Christ born to give us better life not to give us material life, and we must ask ourselves the same question, are we giving others better gifts or only focus on material gifts.

We need to remember in Christmas those who forget to ask about, and who we should do good to them and we didnt, those who loved us but we ignored their love.

Christmas is a chance to be born from the beginning with new souls and new attitudes and as Jesus born to redeem us from our sins, we need to be born again to get rid of all things was keeping us away from this spiritual meaning of Christmas.

We need to be tolerant, loving and respectful to everyone and enjoy our time giving not just material things but also cold cup of water.