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  • Friday ,13 December 2019

Christmas Time

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Friday ,13 December 2019

Christmas Time

Again, we try to be very fanatic and not reasonable when it comes to the January 7th celebration as our Christmas day. I do remember one-time Pope Shenouda himself when he has been asked about when does he think that Jesus born? And his answer was that he believes that Jesus was born in December.

I just thought to mention this story, because many people try to accuse Pope Tawadros that he is going to celebrate Christmas by Dec 24 as Catholic, when Pope Tawdrus himself explained that people in the US and Canada will just do a mass so they have a chance to celebrate with their catholic partner inside the Coptic church.
People in Egypt got so mad saying that Pope is deciding by himself to celebrate at this time, however, the Pope was so modest and mentioned that he can t decide anything from himself and the Holy Synod is the only institution in the church can decide whether to celebrate that day or not.
Coptic needs to calm down and not criticize that pope in this severe way, we need to respect our Pope and to believe that the holy spirit guide him for the good. 
We need to enjoy the spirit of Christmas not only the time, we need to understand that time is not that important as how do you celebrate and if Christmas is only cloth and gifts or it has deep meaning in your life and you believe that world changed by the birth of Christ.