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  • Friday ,13 December 2019

Egypts Sisi attends second day of Aswan forum


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Friday ,13 December 2019

Egypts Sisi attends second day of Aswan forum

 Egypt s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi attended the opening session of the second day of the Aswan Forum for Sustainable Peace and Development on Thursday.

The first session of the day kicked off under the title of "To enhance the role of African women to achieve peace, security and development."
The second day of the forum will include sessions on advancing African women’s contribution to peace, security and development, a roundtable discussion on supporting the transition process in Sudan, and a session on forced displacement and mixed migration in Africa.
The forum aims at enhancing sustainable peace and development in the African continent in light of Egypt s presidency to the African Union.
The forum, which is held in Aswan 11-12 December, is attended by a number of African leaders and representatives from various western countries.
In his opening remarks at the forum on Wednesday, El-Sisi urged African leaders to unite for peace and stability.
A number of African heads of state stressed in their speeches the need to confront the threat terrorist groups pose to peace and development in the continent.