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  • Wednesday ,11 December 2019

The suffering of Arabic language

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Wednesday ,11 December 2019

The suffering of Arabic language

 The deterioration of Arabic language today is catastrophe even among the university students and media personnel. Many mistakes are recorded including that article of Al-Ahram newspaper that mentioned 165 mistakes for one person in an interview.

Dr. Nabawia Moussa have mentioned in her book ‘My History recorded by me’ that the Arabic language in 1906 was taught in English at the Sunni Secondary School in Cairo. This reveals the struggle to link the language to the national identity. The British government insisted on minting in both Arabic and English languages in order to show the link between Egypt and Great Britain. It was cultural, political and national struggle for liberation. Thus, all national leaders struggled to impose Arabization including Mustafa Kamel, Saad Zaghloul and Nasser.
It is known that Arabic is not an easy language. The noble prize winner and the novelist Naguib Mahfouz said that his most significant struggle was with the Arabic language. Students always complain about the grammar and dozens of synonyms that are no longer used. 
We urgently need to reconsider the educational curricula in the Arabic language to make it easier to learn. We need to revise the lyrics of songs that are spreading in the air without control. As I right this article, the popular singers, the local accents and even the officials are destroying the Arabic language and its beauty.