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  • Wednesday ,04 December 2019

A former official

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Wednesday ,04 December 2019

A former official

 With the expansion of media spaces available in all forms, media started to pursue former ministers, officials, and governors to make comparisons between the current and former officials, to cry upon the spilt milk and attack the current officials!

Many former officials enjoy talking to media about alternative plans, strategy and magic tools to solve problems! Unfortunately, media support such attitude instead of supporting people to work harder, produce and be creative.
In that account, I say that those former officials contributed to the current situation with all its negative aspects. We shouldn’t talk about former officials as faithful and uncorrupted as if we assume the current one is not! I wonder: why former officials think they have don’t all good work that can be done, which is not true?
The Egyptian history has presented many great examples and leaders, but I can’t accept hearing an official talking about the corruption in a ministry he served. I remember similar situation when a former minister criticized corruption in the ministry and provided his plan to fix the situation. Former president Mubarak simply told him that he was responsible for this ministry  for 10 years!
On the other side, we find many public figures and members of the opposition who strongly criticize officials, but they keep their mouth shut when they are appointed in the government!