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  • Tuesday ,26 November 2019

Khedive and St. Mark

by Mariam Adel

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Tuesday ,26 November 2019

Khedive and St. Mark

 It is a very funny and realistic story that happened 150 years ago with Khedive Abbas who was returning from his trip in the Mediterranean in the winter 1850. He was heading to Alexandria and it was very cold, dark and stormy. His ship was going astray and the Captain was not able to find the shores.

Hardly, the Khedive could see from afar a dim light and they followed the light till they reached the shore to find out it came from the lamp lit before St. Mark icon in the great Cathedral of Alexandria.
The Khedive was so grateful to it since it saved him from death. To show gratitude, he ordered the pay of certain amount of money equal to the price of oil used in this lamp. It is worth mentioning that this money is still paid by the governorate to the church till today.