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  • Monday ,25 November 2019

Have a good day

Magdy Malak

Article Of The Day


Sunday ,24 November 2019

Have a good day

People always tell the other person at the end of the conversation have a good day which is amazing wish you can hope for a person, but we need to think about how to make this day as good as much as we can. 

Our problems as humans that we escalate our hopes in things or in people more than we should and that for sure will disappoint us because things or people are always changeable and can t be stable in providing us with what we need. 
We need to focus more on our capabilities not in what do we expect from people. We need to focus on our hobbies, our interests and our goals more than what we expect from people. 
There will be days that you don t have a good day which is ok and we need to learn how to make it a good day even though there was bad things happened on that day.
In conclusion, try to have a good day and to practice gratitude and to be positive and continue the day even though it was a bad day.