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  • Monday ,25 November 2019

Definition of happiness

by Maher Razouk

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Friday ,22 November 2019

Definition of happiness

 The more we read about happiness, the more we yearn for it. We may read about the experiences of others and how they see happiness. Yet, we fail to imitate them since we can t see with their eyes or feel with their skin.

Some say they find happiness in money, and others say it is hidden in marriage and family. Some may find it in health or faith. However, everybody can give you an advice, but it won t help you reach happiness since it is a very personal experience. 
We can t find happiness in what others find even if they are good at describing what they see or feel. Thus, you have to search for your own source of happiness.
Yes, happiness is all of that. It can be found in money, success, family, friendship, love, power, value and even lust! But, each of us has to search for it. 
Every human being finds happiness in something, and nobody can find it for you.
Therefore, my advice is to be yourself and find your own happiness away from limits of the others. Don t give great concern to criticize and ridicule of the others. Do what suits you even if you become poor and alone. You can find your own definition of happiness and you will never be sad this way.