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  • Thursday ,21 November 2019

Thugs in the service of extremists

by Ashraf Helmi

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Thursday ,21 November 2019

Thugs in the service of extremists

 Thugs and Salafis in Upper Egypt, and especially in Minya governorate, show no respect for the law. This has clearly appeared in the recent attack against a Coptic Christian family in the village of Nasiriyah where the mother and two sons were seriously injured. They show no respect for policemen because of the judicial rulings that led to the acquittal of the perpetrators and built on false reports and false testimony in addition to falsifying the reality of the mental and psychological condition of the perpetrators in many cases.

One of these cases is the stripping of an old woman in al-Karm village and attacking her husband in May 2016. Demands of Presdinet Abdul Fattah al-Sisi to held the perpetrators accountable were simply ignored.
The president had asked for her forgiveness after what she experienced and promised to held the perpetrators accountable no matter how many they are. Yet, this demand was ignored just like his demands to renew the religious discourse were ignored.
Now, will the trend be to hire thugs in order to punish the Copts and seize their money and even kill them? It looks like many people are going to suffer after the extremists had taken control of the country and decide when and where to build a church in many Egyptian villages, especially in Minya Governorate.