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  • Tuesday ,19 November 2019

‫Coptic business‬

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Tuesday ,19 November 2019

‫Coptic business‬

 I was very sad by the comments I reviewed on social media about the invasion of CTV after a Muslim presenter appeared in it. I saw it as a real dangerous sign for many things. 

Identity is a term used to describe a person s concept and expression of individuality and relationship with groups (such as national or cultural identity). The term is especially used in sociology and psychology. The term identity in Arabic came from the word: He. Thus, identity is the totality of features that distinguish something or someone from others. Each carries several elements in its identity. 
According to this definition, Christianity can t describe one s identity or it will isolate him from his national environment and then return him back to the embrace of the alternative homeland (the Church) which we have suffered from for years. Religious identity may conflict, while the national identity gathers all people under one nation.
I do not understand what the Christian media means in the case of CTV since it offers general topics and programs. This could be because it presents several Christian programs or because its owner is a Christian man. They can t compete with other media and decided to address ordinary and simple people in Upper Egypt, playing on their religious feelings and feeding the time of the elderly.
After the removal of the Muslim presenter and the success of the CTV invasion, I think that the management of the channel needs to follow the reality of some of its employees, some of whom have contributed greatly to fueling the conflict in a sectarian and religious way. It looks like that the vast majority do not want modernity, competition or acceptance of the other.