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  • Tuesday ,19 November 2019

5 killed in electricity pylon collapse in Egypts Giza governorate


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Tuesday ,19 November 2019

5 killed in electricity pylon collapse in Egypts Giza governorate

 The death toll from an electricity pylon collapse at the Seqil station in Osim village, Giza has risen to five after one of the injured died late on Sunday, according to the Egyptian prosecution. 

Four people were killed and three others were injured on Sunday after the electricity pylon collapsed, Egypt s Ministry of Health said in a statement.
Seven ambulances arrived immediately after the accident to transport the injured to Osim Central and Imbaba hospitals.
The injuries suffered fractures, cuts and bruises, said Khaled Mujahid, advisor to the minister of health and population and the ministry s official spokesman.
Minister of Health and Population Hala Zayed directed the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Giza to provide all the necessary medical care for the injured, and to submit a detailed report on the cases of the injured and the medical procedures taken.
Earlier, the Ministry of Electricity said that parts of the high-pressure electricity tower fell while being dismantled by a contractor.
Some of the workers in the area were among the injured, the ministry added.
The ministry added that the electrical network was not affected as the tower was old and unused.