• 04:58
  • Friday ,08 November 2019

Reforms or prison

Magdy Malak



Friday ,08 November 2019

Reforms or prison

There is no doubt that people in Egypt live in a dictatorship period that doesn t allow anyone to talk and if you talk you will be punished because they don t want to hear different opinions. 

Lately, a member of the parliament was requesting Sisi to cancel the amendments on the constitutions that enable Sisi to stay on power until 2032 and called Sisi to adopt an initiative for political reforms.
The call for this reform faced by calling to put that member in prison because he expressed his vision as of how to go forward and amend political life that died after Sisi came in power. 
Unfortunately, such attempts to kill and prison any different voice only existed in the dictatorship regimes which Sisi is one of them. All dictatorships almost have the same traits which is doing the opposite of what they are saying. 
In conclusion., Egypt needs political reform and without this reform will be impossible to achieve any progress because freedom is a main key for developed country.