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  • Thursday ,07 November 2019

Coptic Church mourns Father Bishoy Aziz

Nader Shoukry

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Thursday ,07 November 2019

Coptic Church mourns Father Bishoy Aziz

 Coptic church mourned the departure of Father Bishoy Aziz, priest of St. Mina Church in Alf Maskan, Cairo, who died at the age of 73 and after spending 33 years in priesthood service.

The late priest was born in Beni Suef in July 4, 1964, and was ordained a priest On March 6, 1987.
His Holiness Pope Tawadros II extended his sincere condolences to the Congregation and Priests of the Churches of Ain Shams for the Departure of Father Bishoy.
The late father is brother of Father Michale Aziz, priest of the Virgin church in Ard al-Golf, and Faterh Habib Girgis Aziz in Melbourne, Australia.