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  • Friday ,01 November 2019

Arab Spring again

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,01 November 2019

Arab Spring again

There is no doubt that what is happening in Lebanon and Egypt from demonstration and strikes express the frustrations that the ruler of these countries put their people at this position.

It s impossible and not logic that all Egyptian just got paid to strike or to express their opinion. Its very shameful that people live and suffer and can t express their suffering because the dictatorship can t let them express their opinion.

Tyrant regimes always try to use excuses to prevent people from expressing their opinion and accuse them that they work against Egypt because they are honest and want to face the injustice they suffer from.

Army and Sisi must step down sooner than later and because Egypt tried military to govern for over 60 years and Egyptian didn t get anything except suffering and miserable life.

 Unfortunately, Sisi killed the elite even emotionally or physically and no we can t find any one expresses the suffering of the normal Egyptian except outside Egypt and always accuse him as a spy.