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  • Wednesday ,30 October 2019

Pope of the Arabs

by Ashraf Helmy

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Wednesday ,30 October 2019

Pope of the Arabs

 I was very happy to know about the production of a biography TV series about the life of the late Pope Shenouda III to be a lasting memory not only for the present generation but for the new generations to come like all other biographies. His life indeed is full of unique experiences not only in Egypt but around the world.

His Holiness Pope Shenouda is one of the universal spiritual stature witnessed by kings, princes, and presidents, in addition to all ecclesiastical leaders in all denominations. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts of History from King Fouad University with excellent grades. He studied at the theological seminary and was one of its teachers. He was a writer and poet and an officer in the Egyptian Army. He was a monk, a bishop for education, Pope and Patriarch of the Coptic Church. Caring for the poor, he founded the Committee to take care of the needy and the poor. 
Everyone knows what his Holiness Pope Shenouda presented to his sons and his country, especially with the disagreement with President Sadat. He always resorted to God by prayers to solve many including hundreds of sectarian strife, which claimed many wounded and martyrs, the most recent of which was the massacre of the Maspero massacre.
Many countries, universities, human rights organizations and parliaments have honored His Holiness Pope Shenouda and he was awarded medals, awards, certificates, honorary doctorates, etc. His name was called on a street in the United States of America and the Coptic Center for Youth in Sydney, Australia. 
However, the name of the biography made many people feel uncomfortable with many other titles that could be used. He was an international figure with a Coptic roots, so why just limit his effect with the Arabs? I googled the title, and was surprised to know that he was first called this title during his visit to Lebanon in 1995. Thank God they didn’t choose the title Pope of the Resistance! I think it is still possible to choose an alternative to the name of this TV series, which will remain stuck in the minds of this generation and could be called on a church one day!