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  • Friday ,18 October 2019

What’s up Whatsapp

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,18 October 2019

What’s up Whatsapp

Another Arab country which Lebanon is going to turmoil again after economic and political difficulties the people face without any hope for near solution.

The Lebanon government found the solution for these economic difficulties is to impose more taxes but this time on what? This time on whatsapp program that people use to talk to their lovely one.
I can t believe that a solution for economic and political problems is to impose taxes in communication apps that are available to most of the people around the world for free.
Corruption and dictatorships always believe that people are the problem and they are the one to be blamed.
Arab leaders now call Facebook and whatsapp the fourth generation of the war against them and they consider it an enemy and the reason they consider them as enemy because simply it strip their corruptions and their tyrant.