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  • Thursday ,17 October 2019

Think it over

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Thursday ,17 October 2019

Think it over

 I understand the anger of the people at the government during last few days, and I believe it is OK for two main reasons: the first is cumulative and the second is inadequate in the management of the crisis. We have not been accustomed to painful surgical treatment after we stayed for decades extending until the royal era dealing with painkillers, and perhaps re-read the speeches of the governments after July 52, and the promise of prosperity to come which were just a mirage. Even military adventures were justified tickling Nationalist sentiments and only drained our resources.

Loans became a sustainable solution instead of exceptional. The use of ‘subsidies’ with indiscriminate economic policies was a rope to hang all development efforts. We destroyed manufacturing and agriculture as we moved towards revenue and speculative economy and lost our ability to export. 
The mechanisms of education and culture have retreated and the population bomb explodes in our face to devour the remaining resources. Corruption spreads to strike all walks of life.
It is noteworthy that the population explosion and corruption were protected by religious cover that justifies and deepens the problem. Therefore, the correct remedies were painful and the feeling of pain increased. The biggest shock was the parliament, which did not approach its oversight functions and has been an executive office for the government. 
Therefore, cyberspace and the virtual world have become an alternative censor and an open opposition arena without objective rules or controls. The proper language of dialogue was absent and was replaced by security solutions. There are indications looming to revive the substantive dialogue and to build the wall of trust and raise the ceiling of the media freedom in order to build a healthy political life, which was one of the goals of July 1952 revolution. To come late is better than not to come.