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  • Friday ,11 October 2019

US betray its allies

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,11 October 2019

US betray its allies

Trump announced a fast withdrawal of the American troops from north of Syria were the majority of Kurdish live there, a day after Turkey announced its strike against Kurdish describing them as militant and terrorists. 

Kurdish people were just fighting beside US against Isis and US was so happy to find someone can help them in such situation but unfortunately US betrayed Kurdish.
Although all European countries, Russia, most of Arab countries condemned the military action that Turkey did, however, It seems Turkey doesn t care about any of them and only cares about killing Kurdish people. 
Kurdish was suffering a lot from persecution from Turkey and from Isis and from Sadam hussien before. what US did is just giving a message to any power country to kill minorities and US will make sure to close its eyes. 
I believe we are going toward a new international system because the US simply is not the power any one can depend on, but unfortunately, we can see a clear picture of this system we will witness a lot of chaos in the international system.