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  • Wednesday ,09 October 2019

Maspero massacre is still awaiting justice

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Wednesday ,09 October 2019

Maspero massacre is still awaiting justice

 I do not know why some clergy or civilians are trying to escape the sense of guilt concerning this massacre, especially since it does not concern too many people today. We do stand with our homeland, and the Egyptian armed forces, and the regime. Yet, Maspero massacre is still awaiting justice and neutral investigation. We demand an apology from those responsible for the massacre that was aired online and, therefore, we can not blame it for the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group. They are individuals who belong to the Armed Froces, and revealing them won’t offend the great national institution of the Army.  

 27 martyrs were killed in the incident between being run over by armored vehicles, shooting and deliberate killing.
There were four jeeps and three Armored vehicles behind them. The armored vehicles began to move a few minutes after the military police began using force to disperse the demonstrators and prevent them from advancing to the area around Maspero building, the same method used to break up a demonstration on Tuesday evening, October 4. Three armored vehicles, one after the other, moved swiftly in the Nile Corniche Road towards the October Bridge and suddenly changed their direction to run over the demonstrators killing 12 and injuring 5 according to documentary testimonies and live recordings.
One of the injured people said that he was carried and thrown into an entrance of a building after those who moved him thought he was dead. The bodies were in terrible condition that Dr. Majid Lewis, Director General of the Forensic Medicine Department, said in a telephone interview that he has never seen bodies in such a bad state before, even the victims of the Luxor massacre in 1997 with bodies mashed and bones crushed. 
Here, I want to write their names to be remembered forever: Osama Fathi, Amin Fouad Amin, Ayman Saber Beshay, Amin Nassif Wahby, Gamal Fayek Wanis, Girgis Rawy Raji, Sameh Girgis Fekri, Romani Makari Girgis, Shenouda Noshy Attia, Hady Fouad Attia, Wael Mikhail Khalil, Mikhail Tawfik Gendy, Shahat Thabet Moawad, Sobhy Gamal Nazim, Issa Ibrahim Rizk, Fares Rizk Ayoub, Michael Mosaad Gerges, Magdy Abdo Rizk, Mounir Mouni Megally, Mossad Mehanna Mossad, Mina Ibrahim Daniel, and Nassif Raji Nassif. Remeber them and know that their souls are still awaiting justice.