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  • Tuesday ,08 October 2019

Education in the State of Thinking

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Tuesday ,08 October 2019

Education in the State of Thinking

 In a number of previous articles, I talked about the importance of the implementation of the state and all its institutions for all mechanisms of thinking through the activation of modern administrative systems, with the support of the political leadership that accepts and encourage change.

In the time of Dr. Hussein Kamel Bahaa El Din, Minister of Education, he assured me that he was facing enormous societal resistance after declaring binding decisions to restore discipline in schools, and thinking about designing a new curriculum entitled ‘Ethics’ that includes the messages of peace and love and all other noble values mentioned in the Holy Quran and the Bible. He showed me a huge file containing a huge number of sick notes provided by parents to respond to the punitive measures taken to impose the regularity of students in classrooms. This was faced by a strong minister supported by the powerful regime of Mubarak at that time.
Therefore, I call to support the current Minister of Education knowing that he is waging a war with beneficiaries of the corruption of the current situation and the system of private lessons.
I was delighted to hear President El-Sisi talking before the World Youth Forum about the features of a country that thinks. He said, Egypt is now responsible for building houses of worships of Muslims and Christians since citizens have freedom of worship. He also talked about renewal of religious discourse and the importance of changing our minds with the change of society and time. Enlightenment intellectuals believed that human endeavors should be directed towards the promotion of knowledge and rationality, rather than emotional reactions. They called for the secularization of education in the ‘state of thinking’.