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  • Monday ,07 October 2019

Egypt: the Renaissance Dam negotiations deadlocked

Amany Moussa

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Monday ,07 October 2019

Egypt: the Renaissance Dam negotiations deadlocked

 Spokesman for the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt said that talks with Sudan and Ethiopia over the operation of the Renaissance Dam, a $4 billion hydropower dam that Ethiopia is constructing on the Nile, have reached a deadlock, and it called for international mediation. 

Ethiopia last month rejected a proposal by Egypt to operate the dam. Addis Ababa did not say how much water it wants to release, but Egypt wants the dam to release a minimum of 40 billion cubic meters of water annually, which violates Article 5 of the text of the Declaration of Principles Agreement signed on 23 March 2015, as well as contrary to international norms for cooperation in the construction and management of dams on shared rivers.