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  • Friday ,04 October 2019

Turkey is violating human rights

Magdy Malak

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Friday ,04 October 2019

Turkey is violating human rights

Turkey announced lately that it is willing to go to war in Syria against the Kurdish people. Unfortunately with US is not a country you can depend on or trust right now we are not sure what could happen in the region next year. 

Germany and most of Europe condemned the operation turkey is going to do in Syria, however, it seems that Erdogan believes that he is in the strongest position to decide what he wants to do regardless of any other opinion. 

Kurdish helped US to get rid of ISIS but when the time came for US to support Kurdish, US as always choose to run away and say I have nothing to do with this war, although the US is the country started to involve itself in this war without anyone asking for its help. 

Erdogan is willing to do what he wants, and he didn t care of many call from Russia and Europe to not start this war. I m expecting more escalation in the region and Kurdish and Christian might be the victims of this dirty game in middle east.