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  • Friday ,04 October 2019

Hosea: A call to repentance


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Friday ,04 October 2019

Hosea: A call to repentance

The prophets left us a few Scriptures called the Twelve Minor Prophets which speak of what sin does to us and how we live the life of repentance. One of these Minor Prophets is Hosea.

HG Bishop Bakhomios, Archbishop of Al-Buhaira, Matrouh and North Africa in his book "Hosea" explained to us that the prophetic books tell about an important historical period in the life of the people of Israel, the Babylonian and Assyrian captivity, and also about the Lord s call to the people to repent through his prophets. 
Hence Hosea tells us about the sins of the people that led them to captivity, the reproach of the Lord to his people and his warning to them, and the Lord s call for them to come back and offer a collective repentance before Him.
An example of the sins that the people have fallen into , which are the same sins that we may fall into today. Spiritual adultery means to abandon the Lord and follow staring gods.
God called them to collective repentance, which means man has to worship with his family, church and community. Other sins may include: the sin of lack of knowledge means the lack of knowledge of the true God,  My people perish from lack of knowledge. The sin of pride, which means leaving God s advice and follow personal thought, the sin of indifference by ignoring to listen to the voice of the Lord, which offends the Lord and causes His wrath. 
Hosea was a source for many subjects mentioned in the New Testament such as  From Egypt I called my Son ,  I want mercy, not sacrifice  We need to follow God in all matters of our lives and seek His counsel, follow the teachings of the Church and try to please Him by staying away from sin.