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  • Thursday ,03 October 2019

Another Opinion

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Thursday ,03 October 2019

Another Opinion

 At the time security services in Egypt seriously dealt with calls for a revolution and arrested many people and canceled a football match between Zamalek Egyptian team and Senegal, media was under great pressure as well that it couldn’t decide weather to cover the terrorist attack on security ambush in Sinai or to cover the celebrations of what we don’t know.

On the other side, the president said to the people who welcomed him at the airport that nothing serious is happening and assured that he is following the procedures of randomly removing citizens from subsidy system, and ordered to stop such farce. On the other side, the Egyptian Parliament announced to discuss raising minimum wages and retirement wages.
The president cleverly realized that revolutionary advocates and instigators of the country used rumors of corruption and building palaces to ignite the situation since the people are already suffering from bad economic conditions. The price of the US dollar is decreasing, but nobody feels such decrease and progress. He also realized that this was the reason behind the revolution of January 25, 2011.