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  • Friday ,27 September 2019

Advanced surgeries 4600 years ago

By-Mariam Adel

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Friday ,27 September 2019

Advanced surgeries 4600 years ago

Dr. Frans Jonckheere in his book  les medecins de l Egypte pharaonique  or  The doctors of the Pharaonic Egypt  listed 82 doctors in all specialties including the oldest physicians Merritt Ptah and Pseshet.

Henry E. Sigerist in his book on the History of Medicine 
talked about medicine in ancient Egypt stated that they identified 69 disease and 78 drugs. The oldest book showed us the magnificent progress in ancient Egypt more than 4600 years ago, which is a therapeutic medical papyri. 
In the papyrus Apress it describes symptoms of angina and assures it is life threatening. in Odin Smith papyrus, the doctor describes forty-eight surgical cases with skull fractures and spinal cord injuries in detail. 
The scientist Armand Rover reported that an advanced surgical operation was carried out in the skull using advanced surgical tools similar to the ones used so far including scalpel, peat, probe, and forceps. They used 
local anesthetic in minor surgeries and opium in large surgeries. They also used sutured wounds using the intestines of cats and linen and similar techniques to what we do today. They also discovered penicillin thousands of years ago as an antibiotic extracted from moldy bread, which was considered the greatest discovery in the twentieth century!