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  • Wednesday ,25 September 2019

Egypt and haters

by Dr. Magdy Shehata

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Wednesday ,25 September 2019

Egypt and haters

 Many rumors and lies target Egypt since it restored its security and stability after chaos and street war were spreading in the streets during the revolution of 25 January 2011. Enemies of the state started this war after the great achievements and steps taken by Egypt firmly in the field of development and construction with hundreds of giant national projects in order to build a new state besides the battle of economic reform and facing terrorism.

When an enemy is defeated and fails to achieve its aggressive goals on the ground, it often resorts to the weapon of broadcasting lies and cheap rumors, which can be more lethal than bombs and explosive belts. Many facts are mixed with rumors and this must be faced by trust and transparency.
The failure of these terrorist groups increases and their shouting on satellite channels increases. Their calls did not receive support from the Egyptian people since they know their plans, targets and dirty methods.
Yes, it is time to confront Facebook terrorism, which we call the fourth generation wars and activate the deterrent laws that may stop troublemakers that threaten the unity and safety of the homeland. On the other hand comes the role of the Egyptian media to educate citizens and confront the enemies of the country by argument and proof and focus on the achievements made in all fields. Egypt will remain great and by its people and civilization.