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  • Tuesday ,24 September 2019

Revolution of illusion

by Dr. Raouf Hendi

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Tuesday ,24 September 2019

Revolution of illusion

 Calls to make another revolution in Egypt by chaos seekers and traitors and human rights claimers only aim to make Egypt fall back in destruction after many achievements have been made on the ground in many fields like security, combating corruption, facing terrorism, economic reform and the construction of infrastructure and new cities, improving slums, fighting and treatment of hepatitis and the restoration of Egypt s leading role in the region.

I agree that the prices are too high and the people are suffering from many problems, but this is very cheap price to keep our country united and safe. Stability of Egypt is the target of the recent campaigns by evil forces using a fifth column agents inside the country. I wish the Egyptians be careful against such plots. 
Hatred will remain in the hearts of many countries against Egypt that envy its success and achievements. The participation of Egypt in all international meetings make their anger and hatred even worse since all they dream for Egypt is destruction.
All the people of Egypt should pay attention to these malicious and despicable calls to try to demolish and sabotage Egypt by the hands of its people. They use social networks and other means like those traitors whose aim is to destroy Egypt and its army.
Yes, we need a revolution in facing ignorance and retardation by thinkers and philosophers to change our minds, but Egypt cannot bear another leap in the darkness. I call the Egyptians to be aware and united against such plots. Long live Egypt.