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  • Friday ,20 September 2019

Take it easy

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Friday ,20 September 2019

Take it easy
A few years ago, perhaps months before the arrival of President al-Sisi, fuel and food crises and the spread of chaos and corruption were topical issues. He was not a magician to solve them in a blink of eye, but he needed 
firmness and discipline that were available only in the military establishment. 
The president moved from rent-seeking economy to one of the high value added economies, which needed: - New factories and support of small and micro production projects. 
- Facing overcrowding by building new cities. 
- Facing the problem of slums and informal settlements.
- Reconsidering the import and export systems.
- empowering regulatory agencies to besiege corruption after its over spread.
- Modernize and automate the government service cupboard to reduce corruption and save time of the citizens.
- Developing, modernizing and extending the road network and infrastructure.
The firmness and discipline of the military establishment was behind the achievement of a significant amount of projects in record time. Of course, we are not talking here about utopia, but about human beings who may commit mistakes and tempted by wealth and power.
In addition, the current free zones have about 1,100 projects with a capital of $ 12.8 billion and investments amounting to $ 26.2 billion. These zones provided more than one million direct and indirect jobs. The free zones achieved a volume of activity including exports worth $ 17.8 billion during the year. 
Many important issues were delayed in order to achieve such amount of work, but I believe they are going to take their proper place on the list of priorities. Such items may include Restoration of political movement, restructuring the media system on a professional basis, re-consideration of the rule of law as a safety valve for all spectrums and the real guarantee of stability and security of the homeland, building trust between the street and the government.