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  • Friday ,20 September 2019

Coptic Churches celebrate the departure of St. Verena


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Thursday ,19 September 2019

Coptic Churches celebrate the departure of St. Verena

Coptic Churches celebrated the feast of St. Verena who was martyred in Europe.

According to tradition, Verena was of a noble Christian family from the village of Garagous, near Luxor. Her parents sent her to Sherimon, Bishop of Beni Suef, to be instructed in the Christian faith, after which he baptized her. She was a relative of Saint Maurice of the Theban Legion. As soldiers  relatives were allowed to accompany them in order to look after them and take care of their wounds, Verena accompanied the legion on its mission to Rhaetia (part of modern-day Switzerland). 
In Switzerland, she was always keen to teach the peasants the principles and principles of personal hygiene, and she came out of the cave specifically for that, as well as to provide for charity and mercy.