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  • Wednesday ,18 September 2019

Ali Abdu

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Wednesday ,18 September 2019

Ali Abdu

Nabila Makram, Egypt s Minister of Migration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, announced to sponsor the trip of the adventurer Ali Abdu who will traveled for 25.000 kilometers across Egypt to visit all Egyptian governorates on an electric bike. His trip comes to raise awareness of environmental issues and global warming and to spread the culture of electric vehicles in Egypt to preserve the environment and reduce pollution and fuel consumption. 

The trip is also sponsored by the Ministries of Youth, Sports and Military Production, in addition to the United Nations Development Program. 

Ambassador Makram said that the Egyptian adventure will also become an ambassador for the NO PLACE LIKE EGYPT campaign, which was launched by the ministry to promote Egypt abroad. His trip will draw attention to different places in Egypt, highlighting the Egyptian history and heritage. The videos and data of the trip will be used abroad to promote tourism in Egypt.

The Minister also expressed her pride in the great achievements of Ali Abdu including his new Genes records for the longest driving distance of Motocross within 24 hours.

I congratulate the minister on the great idea and positive thinking that will promote tourism in a brilliant way.