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  • Tuesday ,17 September 2019

Being confident

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Tuesday ,17 September 2019

Being confident

 President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi did well at the youth conference yesterday when he decide to tell the Egyptian people about things that he was told not to mention. He decided to tell the truth to his people including those who elected him. He said that building presidential palaces is important for a modern powerful state.

He was not talking to the elite, but to 92% of the Egyptians who voted for him. He spoke about untold numbers of the achievements of the Egyptian armed forces that will change Egypt and life of the Egyptians. He explained the great role of it that saved and built Egypt and prevented the Syrian, Iraqi and Libyan scenario in Egypt.
He was open, frank and clear in answering the questions. He decided to face the rumors to kill them in our minds. He also invited the media to face them. 
Here, I thank our beloved organization the Egyptian Federation for Human Rights, for supporting the Egyptian army and its great achievements. In fact, the Egyptian armed forces is pride and protection for all Egyptians.