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  • Wednesday ,04 September 2019

St. Anthony in Gronau, Germany!

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Wednesday ,04 September 2019

St. Anthony in Gronau, Germany!

 I have recently visited a friend living in the city of Gronau, Germany. This city is located in the west of Münsterland. The name of the large Catholic church in the center of the city attracted me. It is known as the Church of St. Anthony the Great, and a statue of St. Anthony is located at the entrance of the Church.

It was time of the Holy Mass and the church was really crowned that I couldn’t enter, but I was astonished by its beauty and knew that last year it celebrated 100 years on its foundation.
There are many monuments of civilization, such as the tomb of the martyrs of the Second World War (1939-1945), and some nice gardens. There is a museum for the arts and music near the main train and bus stations of the city of Grenau. However, when I followed the street named after St. Anthony, I found the government hospital, a pharmacy, restaurants, and some shops on the name of the saint.
I was very proud to see an Egyptian saint acknowledged and hailed as founder of monasticism. His role in spreading the Christian faith and monasticism all over the world.