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  • Wednesday ,28 August 2019

Diversified Egypt

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Wednesday ,28 August 2019

Diversified Egypt

 I do not know what happened to a stream of Egyptians who have been racist in many cases once against other Egyptians and another against the Syrian comers. It has always been clear throughout Egyptian history that all Abrahamic Religions were welcomed here. Joseph the prophet, St. Mark and Amr ibn al-Aas in addition to the Holy Family lived peacefully in Egypt.

The great port of Alexandria was built and founded by Alexander the Great and the Greek community still lives in Egypt and have clubs, scientists and thinkers, after they became real Egyptians. 
Some Egyptians may forget that the modern Egyptian state was founded by Mohamed Ali who was non-Egyptian and he worked with many foreigners including Suleiman Pasha al-Fransawi, the founder of the Egyptian army, and the first Prime Minister  of Egypt was Nobar Pasha the Armenian.
Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth century, many nationalities came to Egypt including: French, Italians and Greek who arrived in Egypt and became Egyptians and taught us a lot about music, sewing, business and civil work. The Syrians arrived then and established many journals including Al-Aharam and Rosal Youssef in addition to many other modern arts.
They became Egyptians and the names of some of Egypt s players in the Olympic mission of the second Mediterranean Games held in Barcelona - Spain in 1955 as mentioned by researcher Rami Kamel included many foreign names including Greek, Italian, Syrian and Armeinian, but they were all accepted in the society and became full citizens.
I blame Wahhabism for destroying our Metropolitan culture, and I believe racism and sectarianism need to be faced since it is still spreading unfortunately.