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  • Thursday ,22 August 2019

The departure of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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Thursday ,22 August 2019

The departure of the Blessed Virgin Mary

At the time of her departure, the disciples of Jesus Christ came to her, where she lived in the house of John the Beloved, so that they could pay her farewell.  She was cheerful to see them, and she blessed them before her soul was received by her son and savior who also carried her body like she carried him when he was child.

Her miraculous departure was also accompanied by many miracles and appearances till her body was taken to heaven. Her body was too holy to stay in this earth. The church celebrates her departure on 21 of Toba.
We praise her saying:  Joy to you, Mother of God, Mother of Jesus Christ, joy to you, who turned our sorrow into joy... Intercede on our behalf before your beloved Son, who has glory forever Amen.