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  • Monday ,05 August 2019

China US war

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Monday ,05 August 2019

China US war

It seems that US and China will not reach to a trade deal anytime soon. US Recently imposed another Tarries on China for about 10%. China in return will impose more tariffs on US products.

In fact, that will hurt the marker so much and the whole world might get worse because of this war. The tension between the biggest largest economies is not the only tension we can witness now. 

The tension expands to middle east between Iran and the US, US and North Korea, the US and Russia. I m not pessimistic but the atmosphere around us might lead to a world war if we didn t use the negotiation as a tool instead of the threats and confrontation.

The US, China, and Russia has to hold a summit that help them to get rid of their differences and try to stand for the real challenges face them.