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  • Monday ,29 July 2019

Is Iran superpower?

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,29 July 2019

Is Iran superpower?

After Iranian shoot the US drone and pirated the British boat. After the weak reaction of the American and the English people and the whole world towards these Iranian actions, we should ask ourselves these questions: Are Iranian superpower? or they are right in defending their country and their interest.  

I imagine if Syria or Libya did any of these actions and what would be the reaction of the US and the world. Moreover, Trump tries to convince the world that he cares about 150 Iranian to be killed and he didn t care about thousands of people the American killed in Iraq , Syria and Libya.
In fact, I see Iranian are strong power even if they are not super power. I believe that Iran s power is from inside not from depending on Russia or China. China and Russia may be supporting Iran but the power itself should come from within.
American and all over the world trying to avoid going in a war against Iran and that is another proof that Iran is a strong power and the super power recognizing how much is dangerous to go in a war against Iran.
In conclusion, There is no doubt that another war in the middle east will make everything black and dark, however, all respect to Iranian to be able to stand for their country and their interests.