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  • Friday ,26 July 2019

Bright faces and deadly mistakes

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Friday ,26 July 2019

Bright faces and deadly mistakes

I used to like the Egyptian Minister of Immigration Nabila Makram as I though she is a bright face that is able to represent Egypt and to make the Egyptian abroad regain belonging to their home country. She joined the Diplomatic circuit and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1993. Ever since she moved in various countries representing Egypt.

Recently, she was speaking at a meeting with Egyptians living in Toronto, Canada, when she made a throat-slitting gesture to express what will happen to those who criticize Egypt. "We will not tolerate anything to be said about it. Anyone who says anything [negative] about Egypt abroad will be cut" said she.
We do love Egypt, but I hate such bad message to be sent abroad, especially by a minster in an official speech. I think that such message should have been "We accept criticism, and we are ready to discuss our problems in order to reach solutions