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  • Monday ,22 July 2019

Another loan will hurt more

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,22 July 2019

Another loan will hurt more

Recently the IMF announced that Egypt might be qualified for another loan from the IMF. It s very well known that any loan will cause more hurt to the people because these kinds of loans has conditions and these conditions is to cancel all kinds of financial support to Egyptians. 

Egyptians already suffer from inflation and living tight because of these loans and it seems that the regime don t care about how does the Egyptian feel about such loans. 
Unfortunately, the regime keep pressuring the Egyptian until they explode. The only advice I can give to Egyptians is to use your rights through official channels to objects such loans. 
For the regime I want to tell that it is impossible to solve all economic problems by getting loans from the IMF. Agriculture, Services and Industry are main keys to solve the economic problems