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  • Thursday ,18 July 2019

The words are spirit and life

By-Samia Ayad

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Thursday ,18 July 2019

The words are spirit and life
The Bible is like a crown on our heads for its valuable commandments and heavenly wisdom. Staying close brings life and staying away is death.
In his article "The Holy Bible in the Coptic Church", Pope Shenouda III explained to us the importance of the Bible and its great impact on our lives. The prophet David says that the commandments of the Lord kept him alive and gives him heavenly wisdom”. 
The Bible contains the Ten Commandments that were written by God and He ordered His people to obey them and teach them to the children, and speak them when they sit in their houses and walk in the roads. Following the Gospel requires training in the spirit of the commandment and turning it into a living life.
The whole Bible is inspired by God and is useful to education. Here, we should learn the bible in the context of the whole book, not only a single verse. Be careful and keen to get close to the Bible and living it since it is the voice of God.