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  • Monday ,15 July 2019

Egyptian football team

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Monday ,15 July 2019

Egyptian football team

Unfortunately, the Egyptian get out of the African cup from round 16 while all Egyptian are so sad not only because their team was kicked out of the tournament so early but also because of the performance of the team all in all. 

I didn t like how the team played and I didn t feel that the coach has a clear plan in the court. Historically we can admit that the national coach with more successful with our national team more than any foreign coach. 

We all remember Hassan Shehata and how was the national team performance and the results as well. With Hassan Shehata we the Egyptian team won three cups in a row. I don t say that because I want Hassan Shehata to be the coach again.

I believe that an Egyptian coach will be the solution at this time for our Egyptian team. We have tried two foreign coaches and none of them did what Egyptian are looking for.