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  • Thursday ,04 July 2019

You will receive power

By-Samia Ayad

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Thursday ,04 July 2019

You will receive power

The Holy Spirit came down on the disciples as they gathered in the attic and gave them power to make miracles and heal diseases and unclean spirits.

HG Bishop Moussa of Youth in his article "Behold, I am, sent me." Explained the gifts of the Holy Spirit to the disciples. First, He gave them power to preach in the name of Jesus Christ to change empires as well as the face of history. Second, they walked in obedience and accepted pain in the ministry offering their lives and love.
It is the Holy Spirit who gives us spiritual renewal, service and evangelism. So the Apostles started serving and preaching until they spread Christianity and became witnesses to the Lord all over the world supported by the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, the bible tells us not to extinguish the Spirit, nor to grieve the spirit of God. Therefore, we must give our lives to the command of the Holy Spirit to give us gifts of service, preaching, prayer and true faith. "For all those who are led by the Spirit of God are those who are God s children." 
May God grant us to have the Holy Spirit as we are in the most need for him amidst the world s troubles and concerns and problems.