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  • Friday ,28 June 2019

Defeat of oppression and tyranny

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Friday ,28 June 2019

Defeat of oppression and tyranny

After Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had lost in the municipal elections three of the most important cities of his country, he refused to accept such loss in the capital. Thus, he repeated the elections to lose for the second time. This time, he acknowledged his loss and has not fraud the elections.

He puts thousands of his opponents and journalists in jail, but he refuses to rig the elections or cheat. This could have happened in order to save his dignity before the world with all his repressive practices against his opponents. This could have happened with many people defending their rights to vote. 
The victory was overwhelming and could be seen as a vengeful against Erdogan and his regime that amended the constitution to increase power as the people are punishing him for such amendment. Erdogan tired to oppress the opposition, but couldn  t ruin it as well as the mode of the people unlike other dictatorships in the region. In short, they way for dictatorships to stay in power is by ruining education, opposition and media.