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  • Monday ,24 June 2019

Mohamad Morsi and the culture of the society?

Magdy Malak

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Monday ,24 June 2019

Mohamad Morsi and the culture of the society?

After Mohamad Morsi died I feel the current regime succeeded in turning the people to be a monster. Being happy that Mohamad Morsi died and some of th3e media celebrated the death of a person before being an ex-president to Egypt.

Unfortunately, the current regime is not a merciful regime and is very crucial. This regime is turning everyone in Egypt to be scared and not having mercy on any person died even if we were not agreeing with that person.
Morsi did many mistakes during his presidency but Sisi couldn t wait more than one year to make a coup using the Egyptian innocent people to oust Morsi, however, the army waited more than 30 years to get rid of Mubarak.
I pray for God to have Merci on Mohamad Morsi as Jesus taught us to pray for everyone even for our enemies and we need to learn that.
In conclusion, we need to learn to be human after the regime turned Egyptian revenger. Will we listen to humanity nature? or will keep being what the regime wants us to be.